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Follow the official website and social media of the temple to have a live darshan of Maa Baglamukhi. WEBSITE = ( LIVE DARSHAN =( SOCIAL MEDIA = (@baglmukhii) Note - General is informed that this is the official page of Maa Baglamukhi on Facebook, the temple committee will not be responsible for the information or behavior given on any other page, Maa Baglamukhi Temple Management Committee Nalkheda Madhya Pradesh
WWW.MABAGLAMUKHI.ORG Is Authorized Website of Maa Baglamukhi Sidhpeeth Temple The committee Officially peresent this live darshan By Yashtech on WWW.MABAGLAMUKHI.ORG, no other Youtube Channel, Website, Social Media, individual or organization is authorized to collect any amount on behalf of our committee for offering or doing any Pooja, Donation etc. Note: Mobile, Camera & electronics equipments are not allowed in temple premises Maa Baglamukhi Mandir Nalkheda M.P

1.4 Information Baglamukhu Temple Management Committee, Nalkheda Obtains from Third Parties: Presently website is not collecting user information from third party. Only in case of Payment Gateway, the bank (who so ever provides the payment gateway services for online transaction) collects very critical information like Credit card or debit card number, Expiry date of credit card or debit card , Credit card or debit card holders name, amount deducted from their credit or debit account and any other relevant information which is must for online transaction. These information are collected by payment gateway service provider and these information along with your contact information are stored with payment gateway service provider.

The critical information like credit or debit card number, its expiry date, card holder’s name, bank name are not at all stored, infact it is stored with the payment gateway services providers. The payment gateway service provider sends the transaction number to Baglamukhu Temple Management Committee website on completion of payment procedure along with status of transaction (like success, cancel or error). As Baglamukhu Temple Management Committee is not at all collecting credit or debit card details there is no question of storing it to the server of web, Trust and using it for any purpose. These critical information is solely stored with payment gateway service provider. They also never use your card details with any third party except the bank from where they need to deduct sanctioned amount by you.

a. On Successful transaction of payment: In case of successful transaction of payment for donation, services or product the user will inform accordingly. The details will also informed via email (if proper email address provided at the time of payment). The amount will be deducted from user's respective bank and credited in the account of Baglamukhu Temple Management Committee account. The user will get necessary entry in their passbook or bank statement directly from their bank. If payment is for donation, user will get income tax exemption certificate (in India only). The certificate will be provided in the form of donation slip (online) and user has to get it printed. If user want it physical receipt then it will be delivered to his contact address within two months from the date of payment online. The exemption from income tax is only granted in case of donation made to Baglamukhu Temple Management Committee and is not refundable on any condition. However, payment of services or for purchase of products like prasad or services etc is not exempted from income tax.